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What kind of surprise are we in for at TwitchCon?

by - 4 years ago

Twitch Con is coming at the end of September and while we’re not there yet we had bit of information come out at Gamescom recently about the co-op mode “Allied Commanders”. Now we’re getting some more information and teases coming out of the Korean community. Take a look first at the new look of Allied Commanders embedded below:

This was just one of the pieces of information brought to the community on Team Liquid from their community member “tokinho”. The first big piece of news linked to a PlayXP article that quotes Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime as reportedly confirming that the game will be out before the end of the calendar year (2015).

Other highlights include a translation of a Chinese interview (translated into Korean, now translated into English) which confirms quite a few things of the forthcoming Legacy of the Void:

  1. Automated tournaments
  2. LotV will have more campaign missions and cutscenes than either WOL and HOTS
  3. After LotV release, the dev team will continue to support
  4. The storyline will continue after the LotV release, but in what form these new contents will be distributed is to be decided
  5. Archon mode will be the main mode

The big question now though is that Blizzard is teasing an exclusive reveal for Legacy of the Void. With this being TwichCon what can we expect? More details on automated tournaments? Broadcasting to Twitch through the game client? A store for skins? What about the ever coming soon Arcade Marketplace?



Source: TeamLiquid


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