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Relive the classic days of competitive Brood War.

by - 2 years ago

Have you ever longed for the old days of Star Craft? No, I’m not talking about like Wings of Liberty.

I’m talking Brood War. The classic age where juggernauts would collide in fantastic contests of skill and management.


There is a channel on twitch right now that is streaming 6344 VODs of Brood War 27/4, for the most part, including shows like Bnet Attack where a pro heads into battle.net to fight with random bnet patrons.

The downside is that the vast majority of it is in Korean, but from time to time you catch a few english spoken games. I’ve caught some Tastetosis in their early days watching this channel. It’s a great little channel that isn’t nearly getting enough love for what it brings to the table. Go Check it out!



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