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War Chest Details to be Announced at WCS Valencia Saturday

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The last time we heard anything from Blizzard about the War Chest idea was at BlizzCon 2016. The idea behind the War Chest is that each season you can buy it and it’s basically a bundle of skins,  emoticons, etc. in StarCraft 2 (not random items like loot chests) that you can purchase and unlock over the course of the season.

The best part being is that the money used from buying these bundles will be used to help StarCraft 2 global events like WCS. So it’s a way to have the consumer and esports enthusiasts help support WCS and allow them to do more in the future with the extra funding.

However, since BlizzCon we haven’t heard much more about the War Chest, and what we did hear at BlizzCon was just that short little blurb telling us it will be a thing. This Saturday however, we will be learning all of the details surrounding War Chests at the WCS Valencia. The announcement will happen around 11 AM PDT after the semifinals have been played.

For more information about War Chests and the announcement of them at BlizzCon 2016 check out our article about the panel here.

You can learn more about WCS Valencia here:

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Official Post)

It’s been some time since we first discussed the War Chest, but we’re finally ready to share when you’ll be able to get your hands on it as well as details on everything it will contain.

Tune in to WCS Valencia on Saturday, July 15 around 11:00 a.m. PDT, right after the semifinals for our announcement. Since match length varies, the exact timing may change so keep your eyes glued on the stream at Twitch.tv/StarCraft.

For more information about WCS Valencia, see our survival guide here.

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