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Dehaka Revealed as Next Co-op Commander

by - 11 months ago

Gamescom is starting this week and Blizzard is no stranger at making reveals at the show before BlizzCon. While nothing as big as a couple years ago when Warcraft: Legion was announced there, we still have some tiny bits of reveals to tidy us over before BlizzCon.

StarCraft 2 has been very successful at making co-op fun as they continue to push out more commanders. This time we will be seeing Dehaka who is known for gathering essence, evolving, and getting bigger – and it appears that will be his shtick for his units in co-op. You will collect essence and unlock new abilities as you grow larger.

Dehaka will likely cost the normal $4.99 for a new commander in StarCraft 2. As of now there is no associated release date for him.

You can watch the full reveal below

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