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Testing Balance Updates – October 5th 2017

by - 10 months ago

The Starcraft II Balance Team released a few updates that are currently available on the testing matchmaker. Shield Battery, Swarm Host, and Scrambler Missile are all getting some looks in the most recent set of tests:

Originally Posted by Balance Team (Official Post)
Hey everyone, thanks for the continued feedback and please let us know your thoughts on the changes below. Also, you can visit our main blog to see a bulleted-list of changes we’re currently running on the testing matchmaker. For now let’s dive into the next set of changes below.

Shield Battery
We’ve heard feedback regarding the Shield Battery’s strength when combined with Gateway proxy openings. We are changing the Shield Battery’s requirement from Gateway to Cybernetics Core and increasing the Shield Battery’s warp in time from 17.9 to 28.6 seconds. This should help balance the effectiveness of early proxy Gateway openers.

Swarm Host
The Swarm Host’s movement speed on creep seemed a bit fast and we are reducing the Swarm Host’s on creep movement speed from 5.362 to 4.088. This also brings the Swarm Host creep speed bonus in line with other Zerg combat units. The off creep movement speed will remain the same at 3.15.

Scrambler Missile
The Scrambler Missile’s speed was a bit slow and we are increasing the missile’s acceleration from 14 to 22.4. This should help the Scrambler Missile make contact a bit sooner than before.

Feel free to provide any feedback or suggestions on these changes! Also, just as a reminder, the balance testing matchmaking queue will be turning off on October 13th but the balance test mod will still be available for custom games afterwards.

Timothy Prine