Patch 3.2.0 Patch Notes

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Packaged along with the release of the first mission pack for the Nova DLC pack, these patch notes have a lot of content completely unrelated to Nova’s novert covert ops. Highlights include: A new Co-Op Missions map has been added, along with some balance shifts in Co-op Mission mode. Trophy Tops have been added to Automated Tournaments, and the 30-minute game timer no longer impacts the final game of the tournament. A host of bug fixes and UI improvements. And, of course, Nova Covert Ops, for folks who have purchased the DLC. Read the full patch notes below.

Starcraft II Nova Covert Ops Mission Bundle

So this happened: Nova Covert Ops is headed your way March 29th! Pre-purchase now and get in-game goodies: — StarCraft (@StarCraft) March 15, 2016 What we know so far is that pre-purchasing the DLC pack will get you a unique Nova portrait and a specialized skin for your Ghost units in SC2. In addition, the bundle price that was announced back in December is still in effect, so if you buy all three mission packs together, you’re saving over what buying them individually would cost you. More details on this as they emerge, but between this, pre-purchasing Whispers of the Old Gods for Hearthstone, buying World of Warcraft Chronicle Vol. 1, and getting a pre-order in for Overwatch, you might as well just sign your tax return over to Blizzard right now.


gamescom Livestream w/ Morten and Kim

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Soe and Frodan sat down at the press desk with Senior Producer Tim Morten and Senior Game Designer David Kim to talk Legacy of the Void’s ongoing beta, Allied Commanders, and more. Allied Commanders A co-op mode vs. the AI on objective-based maps. It acts as a way for players to help each other play in multiplayer. The most important aspect of the game is teamwork. It’s about building a big enough army and when to back up your teammates. For example, Artanis has a shield that protects himself but also his allies, so it can be very well-timed. They started off by porting some of the mechanics from the campaign, but that’s not really the limit of what they’re drawing from. Raynor is infantry-based, but he can call down the Hyperion for support, whether to help yourself or aid your allies. Kerrigan is on the map herself, as in the Heart of

The Blizzard news blitzkrieg from gamescom continues, this time settling on a new cooperative mission gameplay mode called Allied Commanders. On the official blog they’ve got a rundown of how the mode plays, along with a preview video. Probably what’s most exciting to me about this mode is the potential for them to add even more commander characters who’ll impact the gameplay in even more diverse ways, not to mention new mission maps with unique challenges; you can see hints that there are more commanders planned aside from Raynor, Kerrigan, and Artanis if you watch the video closely. To an extent, this almost feels like an answer to Hearthstone for the Starcraft franchise, because each commander has their own flavor and kit they bring to the table, and choosing a particular commander lets them answer the challenge in their own style. That comparison breaks down when you recall that this is

Blizzard announced today that the closed beta for Legacy of the Void will be kicking off March 31st, and among other things, Archon Mode will be one of their first test objectives as soon as the test begins. Hearing the line that the beta will start off with more rough edges and “run for a longer period of time than usual” is very interesting to hear, since it gives the impression that the beta will be longer than the six month periods that both Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm received. That being the case, we might not see the release of Legacy of the Void until shortly before or after BlizzCon this year. Just when you thought Blizzard learned their lesson of having their convention and a product release push at the same time… ah well. We’ll see. Read the full blog below. The Beta is near…


Blizzard announced yesterday that they’ve got some plans for the ladder system in the coming seasons, so let’s get right to it. The short, short version? For the current season they plan to adjust leagues and the starting point for new players to be in line with their stated intent, as both have drifted off the mark. For next season, MMR decay will be disabled and more matchmaking tweaks will be made in order improve the experience. As we approach Legacy of the Void, the whole system will be under the magnifying glass. Overall, the sense is that they know ladder has got some issues, and are working to get those under control to make it more functional for everyone, especially players who are just getting onto the SC2 ladder scene. Read the whole post below, and if you’ve got strong feelings on the ladder system, make yourself heard. In recent months, we’ve


Warcraft III Assets Now Available on PTR

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So remember waaaaaay back when at BlizzCon 2013 when Blizzard said that they were working on HD updates of hero units from Warcraft III? Looks like they’ve now been added to the current PTR build, along with virtually all of the assets from the original RTS. Don’t let the images in the blog post below fool you: click on them and you’ll see side-by-side comparisons of the hero units for the Undead and Night Elf factions with their new HD versions. In addition to that, Blizzard seems to be gauging interest in new Warcraft RTS content: they’re going to be showcasing what people create with these assets in a new spotlight series called “Memories of War.” With some of the recent efforts we’ve seen in the modding community, it seems like Blizzard is beginning to see that folks might be ready for a Warcraft IV. Read the full blog post below, and