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Have you ever longed for the old days of Star Craft? No, I’m not talking about like Wings of Liberty. I’m talking Brood War. The classic age where juggernauts would collide in fantastic contests of skill and management. There is a channel on twitch right now that is streaming 6344 VODs of Brood War 27/4, for the most part, including shows like Bnet Attack where a pro heads into battle.net to fight with random bnet patrons. The downside is that the vast majority of it is in Korean, but from time to time you catch a few english spoken games. I’ve caught some Tastetosis in their early days watching this channel. It’s a great little channel that isn’t nearly getting enough love for what it brings to the table. Go Check it out! https://www.twitch.tv/medrybw


Blizzard gave us the opportunity at the Legacy of the Void / WCS BarCraft event to sit down and talk with Tim Morton, Lead Producer of StarCraft 2. Some key points we can glean from our interview: Legacy isn’t the end of the development of StarCraft, there are post expansion plans for LotV they’re not ready to discuss yet. Map makers are really important to them and there is going to be a continuing and on-going dialog with them to improve the system. Archon mode has been a big hit and they’re excited to see where the professional scene may take it. BlizzPro: With the StarCraft 2 storyline  wrapping up what can those interested in primarily the single player expect from the StarCraft team after the campaign? Tim Morton: First and foremost the co-op missions, allied commanders, that we’ve shown most recently at gamescom but not talked a lot about.


Blizzard invited us down to Los Angeles to watch the final day of WCS Season 3 for 2015 alongside the reveal of the release date of the final chapter of StarCraft 2, Legacy of the Void and its cinematic. While the WCS matches were wonderful (congrats to French Protoss player Lilbow on his qualification for the Global Finals!) most of the crowd was anxious to see the cinematic. When the cinematic was delivered the crowd roared with excitement with each epic moment. Outside of the viewing this was in fact a barcraft and attendees of legal drinking age got to pick up a drink courtesy of Blizzard alongside some goodies (beta access, and an unlock for Kerrigan and and the succubus skin in Heroes of the Storm), everyone was given a chance at a claw machine to win a plush StarCrafts Zergling or even the Zeratul Comic Con exclusive “Cute

All the eSports action is already live from BlizzCon 2014. Events for Hearthstone, StarCraft, Warcraft and Heroes of The Storm will be streamed all weekend on Twitch. More information on the events and times can be found here on BlizzCon’s official page. BlizzCon 2014 is getting underway today, and we’ve got more StarCraft II, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm eSports than you can shake a stick at. Watch where you point that stick! Join Nick “Tasteless” Plott, Sean “Day” Plott, James “Kaelaris” Carrol, Yoan “ToD” Merlo, Andrew “mOOnGLaDe” Pender, and observers Phil “inFeZa” Bertino and Alexandre “FunKa” Verrier as they take you through the entire round of eight and on toward the Global Championship. With live streams in fourteen languages, you’re sure to find a stream that suits your tastes, and today’s round-of-eight is overflowing with epic matchups. In addition to live streams and VODs, we’ve

Blizzard has just announced that instead of taking place on the BlizzCon floor, the WCS Global Finals will be happening at the other end of the Anaheim Convention Center complex in the Arena. BlizzCon attendees will have access to the event along with the rest of the convention activities, but Blizzard will also be selling tickets specifically for the WCS event alone, allowing even more folks to get in the door for the excitement of the WCS. Read the full post below. The year’s biggest StarCraft® II eSports event just got even bigger! The conclusion of the SC2 World Championship Series Global Finals takes place November 7 and 8 during BlizzCon, and this year, we’re moving the action from the BlizzCon floor to the Anaheim Convention Center Arena. Along with this Arena upgrade comes extra seating capacity, allowing us to offer the StarCraft II community another opportunity to be part

Blizzard released a blog today detailing their project with Ryan (creator of Gameheart) to add many of the features of the Gameheart interface into the game. For those who may not be familiar with Gameheart, it’s a 3rd party project that was created to enhance the viewer experience for both casters and spectators allowing for more details to be seen in game, lessen chances of critical moments being missed, and allowing greater exposure of teams and their sponsors. Gameheart also was crowd funded last year to help redesign it as well. The Gameheart project is looking to be added in pieces into StarCraft II, with some being added into the extension mod feature (released with 2.1), some into the game itself, and others as an observer mod (which can all be used in conjunction with each other).  The blog post over at Blizzard’s site details some of what’s to come

If you’ve been following the WCS this year you would know that the top 16 players in WCS points get invited to duke it out at BlizzCon to see who is the best in the world and take home the big prize. However, this year there was a tie at the number 16 spot as Revival gained his last 25 points last week in challenger mode to tie Naniwa for the final spot. Because of this, both players were invited out to Southern California where they will play a best of 5 series to see who gets seeded at #16 and will face off against #1 seeded SoulKey in the official tournament at BlizzCon. If Naniwa wins he will advance into BlizzCon as the only foreigner (non-South Korean) in the tournament and he’ll go on to face SoulKey who eliminated his competition in the Season 3 finals. The loser will

Spurred by their collectible card game success with Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Blizzard has decided to, on very short notice, release another CCG focusing on competitive Starcraft II players. We’re just kidding. Sort of. Blizzard is releasing a limited edition series of eSport trading cards, but there’s no chance that you’ll see an OP competitive Starcraft player come out on turn nine. Are you interested in grabbing up some of these rare cards? Take a look below for details on how you can begin building your collection. StarCraft II® and the World Championship Series have had an epic year thanks to YOU, the community! To celebrate, we’ve created a limited edition series of eSport trading cards featuring top StarCraft II players and casters. Bubblegum not included. For those of you attending BlizzCon, you can watch World Championship Series matches and participate in StarCraft II events throughout the weekend to collect


TteSports adds Greg “Idra” Fields

by JR Cook on

Today TteSports has announced that they have added Greg “Idra” Fields onto their roster of eSports personalities including Tasteless, Artosis, and WhiteRa. Idra was released earlier this year by professional gaming team Evil Geniuses after lashing out on TeamLiquid against a fan. The interesting part of this news, is to see that he is being announced as a personality and not a player at this time (similar to Artosis/Tasteless). It’s been six months since he was removed from Evil Geniuses, but his stream popularity has remained strong, maintaining the number 8 spot on top individual streamers in StarCraft 2. With those numbers, it’s not surprised a sponsor is looking to take a chance with him again and with the exposure Idra can give through streaming, casting, and attending events is valuable. The specific sponsor being Tt eSports is not a surprise as well, considering the relationship that Idra has had