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Team Evil Geniuses Releases IdrA

by JR Cook on

In a bit of surprising news today popular and polarizing StarCraft 2 pro player Greg Fields (IdrA) has been released by Team Evil Geniuses. IdrA is a player from the USA that was popular in the StarCraft: Brood Wars days and became really big early on in StarCraft 2. He joined Evil Geniuses in 2010. IdrA was known for his good play early on but in the last year or so he has fallen a bit and is quite known for his bad manners to other players and leaving games early. With that said it’s a little surprising that Evil Geniuses decided to release IdrA considering he was still probably one of the most popular players on the team despite his winning record. However, comments he made to his fans in the public ended up being a little too much with Evil Geniuses to allow him to stay on. Unfortunately


StarCraft 2 Patch 2.0.8 Releases

by JR Cook on

We’re closing in on 2 months now that Heart of the Swarm has released and we have a minor patch that just released this week. Patch 2.0.8 has a lot of bug fixes in multiplayer games and for the single player campaign. There are also some tweaks that have been made to the different flow of the UI and also some new information has been added to the replay feature. You can read the full patch notes here: STARCRAFT II PATCH 2.0.8 GENERAL The “Damaged Units Only” status bar option now applies only to life, shields, and energy. All other status bars behave as if “Always” is selected. Custom observer interface files are now read from the “My Documents/StarCraft II/Interfaces” location rather than account specific locations. The Idle Worker button now plays a subtle glow animation while active. The Regions button on the Login Screen is now visible at the

The WCS Season one had a huge week this week. Last week I talked about the Korea region and the Round of 16 Group B (which many were calling the Group of Death). This group consisted of last year’s WCS winner PartinG, first ever royal roader to win Code S Life, premiere SC2 South Korean pro player INnoVation, and the greatest StarCraft player of all time Flash. This was by far the greatest group ever in StarCraft 2 history as these 4 are probably the best 4 players in the world. In fact, it’s so epic I am not going to spoil how it all ends – instead I absolutely recommend checking out the free Vods of the full event here – if this is the first time you have ever watched eSports than this is absolutely the matches to watch: http://www.gomtv.net/2013wcs1/vod/80085/?set=1 WCS Europe is about to finish up their Round

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