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Nova Covert Ops, Starcraft II‘s first mission bundle announced during BlizzCon, is up for pre-purchase on the Battle.net Shop. Pre-purchasing the bundle save you 33% across the 3 included packs, as well as land you the new Nova portrait and Covert Ops Ghost skin for Ghost units. You can read more about the Nova Covert Ops mission bundle, as well as other upcoming Starcraft II features, on BlizzPro: Mission Packs: Nova Covert Ops The Future of StarCraft II

From now through December 8, you can join in on the intergalactic warfare of Starcraft II‘s first two expansions–Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm–for 50% off. Or give it to someone. Since it’s that time of the year. If you really want to. You can find this and other holiday sales on the Battle.net Shop.

I got to sit down during BlizzCon with StarCraft 2 Lead Campaign Designer Matt Morris to discuss the (then upcoming) release of Legacy of the Void. For those who are into the multiplayer game, this interview probably isn’t for you. For those of you have been casual StarCraft 2 players, play for the campaign only, or have Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm collecting dust on the shelf, this interview is for you. We talk about what’s next for StarCraft 2, what their plans are post release, and why Legacy of the Void is the best time ever to get into the game. Watch the full interview below


Mission packs: NOVA COVERT OPS

by Aaron "BLU3" on

Nova Covert OPS takes us beyond legacy of the void.


The Future of StarCraft II

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Blizzard isn't done with starcraft yet. Upcoming features are discussed. Looks like we will have lots to look forward in the StarCraft Universe!

Mike Morrhaime announced that StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void will not be the end of the company’s development of the Starcraft saga today at the BlizzCon 2015 opening ceremony. He announced new RTS missions to come in spring 2016. The first seems to be titled “Nova Covert OPS.” Details to come later today with the Future of StarCraft panel.


Heart of the Swarm Patch 3.0 Releases

by JR Cook on

We’re a month away from the release of Legacy of the Void and today Blizzard has released the pre-patch 3.0. This is the patch that divides up the different StarCraft 2 versions so that you no longer need Wings of Liberty in order to play Heart of the Swarm and you won’t need previous versions in order to play Legacy of the Void. Also, the “Whispers of Oblivion” campaign missions are now available that were previously only available to those that pre-purchased. This is also the patch that completely changes the user interface. The chat system has been completely redesigned, navigation has been moved around, and the arcade has been redesigned. Probably the most controversial change is that you will no longer be able to watch replays of your games until Legacy of the Void is out. This means any replays you have saved or that you make from here


Blizzard Games on Sale at Amazon

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Been excited about WoW: Legion coming out in the next year? Do you feel left out at how fun everyone is having with Season 4 in Reaper of Souls? Maybe you just want to get caught up on the story line in StarCraft 2 before Legacy of the Void releases in November? Well, you’re in luck because Amazon is having a sale of digital games from Blizzard where everything is basically 50% off. Now is the best time to get into Diablo 3, WoW, or StarCraft 2. And the best thing? You can now actually buy digital Blizzard gift codes now. $19.99 will get you the $20 Battle.net gift card. You can use this to gift to your friends and family if they are wanting to buy some Hearthstone card packs or a Heroes of the Storm hero, skin, or mount. This has been something I have been wanting to


Blizzard gave us the opportunity at the Legacy of the Void / WCS BarCraft event to sit down and talk with Tim Morton, Lead Producer of StarCraft 2. Some key points we can glean from our interview: Legacy isn’t the end of the development of StarCraft, there are post expansion plans for LotV they’re not ready to discuss yet. Map makers are really important to them and there is going to be a continuing and on-going dialog with them to improve the system. Archon mode has been a big hit and they’re excited to see where the professional scene may take it. BlizzPro: With the StarCraft 2 storyline  wrapping up what can those interested in primarily the single player expect from the StarCraft team after the campaign? Tim Morton: First and foremost the co-op missions, allied commanders, that we’ve shown most recently at gamescom but not talked a lot about.


Blizzard invited us down to Los Angeles to watch the final day of WCS Season 3 for 2015 alongside the reveal of the release date of the final chapter of StarCraft 2, Legacy of the Void and its cinematic. While the WCS matches were wonderful (congrats to French Protoss player Lilbow on his qualification for the Global Finals!) most of the crowd was anxious to see the cinematic. When the cinematic was delivered the crowd roared with excitement with each epic moment. Outside of the viewing this was in fact a barcraft and attendees of legal drinking age got to pick up a drink courtesy of Blizzard alongside some goodies (beta access, and an unlock for Kerrigan and and the succubus skin in Heroes of the Storm), everyone was given a chance at a claw machine to win a plush StarCrafts Zergling or even the Zeratul Comic Con exclusive “Cute