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StarCraft: Reclamation

by JR Cook on

The animated short, StarCraft: Reclamation, was released this weekend during TwitchCon. The art style fits the same style that Lords of War used before WoW: Warlords of Draenor was released. Reclamation shows us the origin of the Protoss, their history, and also the events that are transpiring before Legacy of the Void. Needless to say, even if you’ve played StarCraft before or haven’t, this is a great little episode to watch to see what Legacy of the Void is going to be about. It definitely has me ready to play the game and finish out the story.


New Commanders for Upcoming Co-op Missions

by JR Cook on

The Allied Commanders is a new co-op mode coming to Legacy of the Void. It was initially announced with 3 allied commanders, and now we have 3 more revealed. 4 of the 6 commanders are in Heroes of the Storm – I wonder if we’ll be seeing Swann and Voruzan coming to that game as well soon? Probably the most exciting part of this announcement is Voruzan, the Dark Archons are back. It would be pretty awesome if Blizzard eventually added them back into the core gameplay. Legacy of the Void is releasing on November 10, 2015 – right after BlizzCon. You can preorder your copy here. You can read about each of the new commanders below.


StarCraft: The Story So Far…

by pallimmanis on

Carbot Animations is at it again! They’ve added a new video to their StarCrafts fourth season which, so far, has been focused around telling the story of Brood War. Check out this week’s video below or head on over to their YouTube channel to subscribe and get updates when a new episode is released.

The Legacy of the Void Collector’s Edition is available on Amazon for preorder! Set to be released on November 10th, 2015, the physical Collector’s Edition can be purchased for US$79.99, or the Standard edition is available for US$39.96. The Collector’s Edition Box Includes: Full Legacy of the Void Game StarCraft II Tech Manual Behind the Scenes DVD Soundtrack CD Heroes of the Storm Hero (TBD) Heroes of the Storm Voidseeker Mount Hearthstone Legacy of the Void Cardback World of Warcraft Archon Pet D3 Probe Pet D3 Protoss Transmog 3 x StarCraft II Portraits (Narud, Purifier Zealot, Void Thrasher) 1 Purifier Skin for StarCraft II Adept Unit Along with the items above, Psione confirmed on Twitter that a Colossus skin would also be included with the Collector’s Edition which completes the collection started with the Wings of Liberty Thor skin, and the Heart of the Swarm Ultralisk skin. This preorder also includes a beta test key

This morning during the WCS Season 3 Finals (which for the first time ever will be played by 2 Europeans), we got a reveal of not only the opening cinematic for Legacy of the Void, but also the release date. It looks like we’ll be playing Legacy of the Void right after we get back from BlizzCon as the release date is November 10, 2015. We were also given a sneak peek of a animation short much the way that WoW did before Warlords. The animation short is called Reclamation and will show part of the story that happened in between Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void. So are you excited for Legacy of the Void? This is potentially the most feature intensive StarCraft update we’ve ever seen with the introduction of automated tournaments, Archon Mode, Allied Commander, new units, the Protoss campaign, and much more.

In less than 2 weeks we will learn about the release date for Legacy of the Void (spoilers: it’s probably after BlizzCon in November). We will also get to see the World Premiere of the cinematic. If you want to see all of this in person while watching the WCS Season 3 finals then you can join Blizzard at their event in Los Angeles. The Barcraft will take place at the Theatre at Ace Hotel in LA on September 13th at 10 AM PDT. For those not able to attend, you can watch the action online at http://twitch.tv/starcraft This has surprised a few people they would be announcing this now instead of at BlizzCon, but let’s be honest here, BlizzCon would have been far too late to make a street date announcement for a game we expect to see released either late November or early December. Instead, BlizzCon will likely


It’s finally here, the most requested feature since StarCraft 2 existed is finally happening – automated tournaments are coming to the Legacy of the Void beta. This feature used to be in the old battle.net client and was available in Warcraft 3 but it never seemed to make it’s way to the current games. Now with Legacy of the Void and the rumors of BattleNet 3.0 we are seeing automated tournaments coming to StarCraft 2 – is this the beginning of seeing this feature to other games as well?

Twitch Con is coming at the end of September and while we’re not there yet we had bit of information come out at Gamescom recently about the co-op mode “Allied Commanders”. Now we’re getting some more information and teases coming out of the Korean community. Take a look first at the new look of Allied Commanders embedded below: This was just one of the pieces of information brought to the community on Team Liquid from their community member “tokinho”. The first big piece of news linked to a PlayXP article that quotes Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime as reportedly confirming that the game will be out before the end of the calendar year (2015). Other highlights include a translation of a Chinese interview (translated into Korean, now translated into English) which confirms quite a few things of the forthcoming Legacy of the Void: Automated tournaments LotV will have more campaign missions and cutscenes than


gamescom Livestream w/ Morten and Kim

by Crow on

Soe and Frodan sat down at the press desk with Senior Producer Tim Morten and Senior Game Designer David Kim to talk Legacy of the Void’s ongoing beta, Allied Commanders, and more. Allied Commanders A co-op mode vs. the AI on objective-based maps. It acts as a way for players to help each other play in multiplayer. The most important aspect of the game is teamwork. It’s about building a big enough army and when to back up your teammates. For example, Artanis has a shield that protects himself but also his allies, so it can be very well-timed. They started off by porting some of the mechanics from the campaign, but that’s not really the limit of what they’re drawing from. Raynor is infantry-based, but he can call down the Hyperion for support, whether to help yourself or aid your allies. Kerrigan is on the map herself, as in the Heart of

The Blizzard news blitzkrieg from gamescom continues, this time settling on a new cooperative mission gameplay mode called Allied Commanders. On the official blog they’ve got a rundown of how the mode plays, along with a preview video. Probably what’s most exciting to me about this mode is the potential for them to add even more commander characters who’ll impact the gameplay in even more diverse ways, not to mention new mission maps with unique challenges; you can see hints that there are more commanders planned aside from Raynor, Kerrigan, and Artanis if you watch the video closely. To an extent, this almost feels like an answer to Hearthstone for the Starcraft franchise, because each commander has their own flavor and kit they bring to the table, and choosing a particular commander lets them answer the challenge in their own style. That comparison breaks down when you recall that this is

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